Funding Your Dreams


It seems everyone wants to know how to take advantage of Startup Funding these days. Not just the theory and not just the names of specific funding—people want the basic steps to take them from the page to the stage.

Of course, they could call any well-known banker to get funding. But they will most likely triage them into the path of active management of business plans, documents, and judgement strapped to their backs. How should a do-it-yourselfer proceed?

Here is the real answer: Banks want to swamp you in high rates, business plans and then approve you for a fraction of what you really need. On the other hand venture capital firms want half of your business. You already have enough on your shoulders, let us show you another way.

Here are 3 major steps we recommend that uncover the fundamentals of setting your startup (management and funding) for the highest success.

Gather up your documents.
This is first because we want to make sure you’re ready. Believe me, our funding options require far less paper work than most lending options. However the more proof you show of assets or a good credit history, is the difference between $50k and $150k.

Financial Consultants
These are the guys that tell you what is a good or bad investment. Whether it may be a $6,000 couch for the office or a $30 chocolate bar there are going to be some things while in startup mode seem ridiculous, but if you don’t have someone telling you “no.” You just might think twice about buying things that keep you from your goal.

Healthy Daily Procedures.
Work. No-one ever said that going from the page to the stage is easy. Because its not at all, just make sure you’re taking care of yourself. There is a media based bias over success, and what it should look like. I can tell you its exactly the opposite. Work for what you truly believe in, not just for what you want out of it.

Entrepreneurs, founders, and mavericks established
America with the idea of freedom. Entrepreneurship is the best possible way to add value to the world while creating an amazing lifestyle. Fundbrella is obsessed with bringing the best funding and financing options that entrepreneurs need to grow and innovate their businesses. Our mission is to take some of weight off your shoulders by putting power back into your hands and freedom in your pocket.

Whatever your dream may be, we can fund it.

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